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“Crawler Crane” by TechnicKing Skockani

Posted: September 29, 2013 by technicman97 in Construction

This is what we call by IMPONENT!

LEGO Technic Crawler Crane

The creation has about 1,50 metres and the creator 1,84 metres. An amazing scale comparison photo for an amazing creation.

Full of functions, the latest creation by TechnicKing Skockani is one of the best ones we will anytime feature here at “TechnicGears”.

You can learn more about this crane here.

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The “TechnicGears” team



An awesome Bulldozer with pneumatics and rubber tracks !

Have a look at Jorge García’s Bulldozer at Mocpages

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The “TechnicGears” team

“Drift car!” by Ryen Air

Posted: September 28, 2013 by technicman97 in Cars

We found another great technic car. Although not so complex in mechanics, it’s more complex in gear ratio and lightweight.

Red&White drift car

A real drifting car, built in lego.

Ryen Air is the guy who built this performance beauty. You can check more about this creation at “Red&White drift car“.

Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team

We are starting with a great creation.

A classic european car built by the amazing builder Nico71 who has his website full of amazing engineering.

Ladies and gentleman, we present you by the first time in Lego Technic pieces, the classic “Citroen 2CV“:

DSCF3678[1] DSCF3693[1]

We were amazed by the great suspension system and steering it has. Not to talk about the extremely detailed bodywork.

Although it doesn’t have a building instructions guide book, it has some pictures of while disassembling.

You can see more about this creation here ( Note : It also has instructions ):

Citroen 2CV

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The “TechnicGears” team


Designed by : Kron13creations

It is a 4wd rock crawler and also has 4ws. It is driven by two XL Motors and a PF Servo Motor for steering. More info visit Mocpages ( Ronald Goedeke )

2 speed Gearbox

Posted: September 20, 2013 by Kron13creations in Mocs with Instructions, Our Mocs, Techniques and Engineering

2 Speed Gearbox 1

Designed by : Kron13creations

Gear ratio : reverse = 1:1.2, normal ( not reverse )= 1:1 It has 1 reverse gear ( 1:1.2) and 1 normal gear ( 1:1 ).It is a 4wd gearbox. It is designed for trial truck cars, so you can drive backwards with a stronger gear ratio. It has been tested out for real, not only built on LDD. More info at : Mocpages