“Citroën 2CV Charleston” by Nico71

Posted: September 25, 2013 by technicman97 in Cars, Mocs with Instructions, Techniques and Engineering

We are starting with a great creation.

A classic european car built by the amazing builder Nico71 who has his website full of amazing engineering.

Ladies and gentleman, we present you by the first time in Lego Technic pieces, the classic “Citroen 2CV“:

DSCF3678[1] DSCF3693[1]

We were amazed by the great suspension system and steering it has. Not to talk about the extremely detailed bodywork.

Although it doesn’t have a building instructions guide book, it has some pictures of while disassembling.

You can see more about this creation here ( Note : It also has instructions ):

Citroen 2CV

Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team

  1. Bojan says:

    Nico is one of my favourite builders.:)

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