About Us

We’re 2 guys simply passioned by LEGO Technic.

Technic Man:

Real name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Favorite Builders: Nico71, Crowkillers, Nick Barret, Francisco Hartley, Thomas Eckert, Roberto…., Matt James… and maybe, YOU!

Usually named by Technic Man. The guy who built the technic “Smart Fortwo” and the technic “MAN TGX” with pieces only from 41999. Always ready to help with simple techniques. Do you already know? Yes! That’s me. I’m always thinking “I’m needing more pieces!” I love to build gearboxes, suspension systems, chassis…

My motto: “It must be light, strong and functional.”


Real name : Ronald
Age : 14
Favorite Builders : Crowkillers, Technic Man, Sariel.pl, Nico 71,..
Hobbies : Cycling, building with lego technic, playing computer games

My favorite Builder is Paul Boratko, I just love his style of building !

My Blog : Kron13creations
Websites that I am at : Mocpages, You Tube, CUUSOO, Facebook

My Motto : ” Never Give Up “


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