Advice to get your MOC here

The blog destinated for YOUR Technic creations. We’d like to post as many as we can from you, from WIP’s to finished MOC’s.

Although we would like your help. Build lots of technic creations as you can, but remember, a creation built in less hours is surely worst than another one built with lots of pacience and weeks, or maybe months.

It’s way better if you send us the link from the page where you post your MOC’s, if not send us a e-mail with some photos and info at :

We’ll have to choose always from posting or not a certain creation.

WIP’s must look good. Although it’s a non finished creation, it must give us the feel of a good creation.

Finished creations should have an atractive look. Good functions and some realism.

We really thank you if you can give us good pictures and preferentially with white background. A big paper (A1  or the back of a poster are good) and a good light (from a lamp or the sun, with camera flash turned off).

For entries please write a message at : Submission Entries


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