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An awesome Bulldozer with pneumatics and rubber tracks !

Have a look at Jorge García’s Bulldozer at Mocpages

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Designed by : Kron13creations

It is a 4wd rock crawler and also has 4ws. It is driven by two XL Motors and a PF Servo Motor for steering. More info visit Mocpages ( Ronald Goedeke )

2 speed Gearbox

Posted: September 20, 2013 by Kron13creations in Mocs with Instructions, Our Mocs, Techniques and Engineering

2 Speed Gearbox 1

Designed by : Kron13creations

Gear ratio : reverse = 1:1.2, normal ( not reverse )= 1:1 It has 1 reverse gear ( 1:1.2) and 1 normal gear ( 1:1 ).It is a 4wd gearbox. It is designed for trial truck cars, so you can drive backwards with a stronger gear ratio. It has been tested out for real, not only built on LDD. More info at : Mocpages