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“Trophy Truck” by Pipasseyoyo

Posted: November 20, 2013 by technicman97 in Cars, Offroaders

Hi again guys! Sorry for not posting nothing for more than one week.

Anyway, we’re back with another trophy truck. This time it was Pipasseyoyo who decided to build the famous Chevrolet offroading machine.

Trophy Truck

It’s full RC.

You  can see it here.

And whach  to the video here.


Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team


“Dakar Truck” by Sariel

Posted: October 22, 2013 by technicman97 in Offroaders, Trucks

Sariel, One of our favorite builders, built another off-roader. It’s based in the MAN TGA.

It uses 2 RC units. With full suspension, 4×4 transmission and remotely locking differential.

Click on the image to view the model.

Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team

“4×4 Crawler” by Michikuri00

Posted: October 18, 2013 by technicman97 in Cars, Offroaders

A new creation from a new builder. Michikuri00‘s first creation is a rock crawler.

4x4 Crawler

A really nice offroading machine, full RC and with lights.

Check it out here.

Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team

“Trophy Truck” by Ryen Air

Posted: October 15, 2013 by technicman97 in Cars, Offroaders

Ryen Air built the scale model of his previous Trophy Truck. His deal was surely lightwheight and speed, because that’s what the model is all about.

Check it out here the pictures and watch to the video.

Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team

The new creation by “Vkyppwnsall” (Victor Kojenov) is a Toyota Land Cruiser 80.


Toyota Land Cruiser 80

“4WD, 4 link suspension, lights, Ackerman steering, opening doors, hood, and trunk, full PF remote control.”

Click here to view some pictures of this creation on Brickshelf.


Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team

Trophy Truck by “Ryen Air”

Posted: October 7, 2013 by technicman97 in Cars, Offroaders


Trophy Truck

Ryen Air, an already posted guy here at TechnicGears made an even greater creation. After drifting, he wants some offroading.

And as an amazing creation surely deserves a video, Ryen has uploaded one.

You can view his creation and watch the video here.


Stay tuned,

The “TechnicGears” team


Designed by : Kron13creations

It is a 4wd rock crawler and also has 4ws. It is driven by two XL Motors and a PF Servo Motor for steering. More info visit Mocpages ( Ronald Goedeke )